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BEST WITHOUT SPEAKING? – Where to Draw a Line between Hate Speech and Free Speech?

STETE and the town of Lohja organised together a seminar for the 17th time. This year the seminar concentrated on a theme, which has been discussed much in public in Finland: hate speech.

Seminar was dealing with following questions: what can be considered as hate speech, and where are the roots of it? Has the society been changing lately in a manner, which have led to increase in hate speech? On the other hand, it was also important to discuss about the line between hate speech and freedom of speech, as well as the responsibility of media in breeding and preventing hate speech. Experts shed some light on a question of that how hate speech is connected to hate crimes in Finland.

The seminar language was Finnish.

You can find the seminar programme here. (in Finnish)
The summary of the seminar is attached here. (In Finnish)

You can also find some of the presentations below (in Finnish):

Sananvapautta vai vihapuhetta? – oikeudellinen näkökulma
– State Prosecutor Mika Illman, The Office of the Prosecutor General
Rasismi ja syrjintä nuorten arjessa
– Researcher Antti Kivijärvi, UEF/Nuorisotutkimusverkosto
– Jorma Laitinen, The Finnish Police