• The Finnish Commitee For European Security

    Suomen Toimikunta Euroopan Turvallisuuden Edistämiseksi



STETE participated to the Tammitoti event held in January 2011. The occasion was an excellent opportunity for everyone interested to get to know with the various NGOs located at Töölöntorinkatu 2B and their work, members of staff, as well as the premises.

In addition to STETE, other NGOs included:

• KATU (Civil Society Conflict Prevention Network)
• Maailma.net (Oneworld.net)
• Suomen YK-liitto (UN Association of Finland)
• Demo ry (Political Parties of Finland for Democracy)
• Reilun kaupan puolesta ry (Pro Fair Trade Finland)
• Kehys (The Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU)
• Suomen UNIFEM (UNIFEM Finland)
• Ihmisoikeusliitto (Finnish League for Human Rights – FLHR)
• Rauhankasvatusinstituutti (The Peace Education Institute)
• MPK (The National Defence Training Association of Finland)
• KEPA (The Service Centre for Development Cooperation)
• SYKSE (The Finnish Association for Environmental Education)