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    Suomen Toimikunta Euroopan Turvallisuuden Edistämiseksi


Experience Sharing between Baltic & Black Sea Regions
– Ukraine’s European Vision in Focus, Kyiv 10-12.9.2008


Due to Ukraine’s important standing, as well as its role and relations with and within the European neighbourhood, in 2008 the Nordic Forum conference was organized in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Ukraine belongs to one of the target countries of European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and has recently been appointed as a new WTO Member State. The overall purpose of the Kyiv conference was to share practices and thoughts between different countries, organisations and regions. The idea was to exchange experiences and best practices between the Baltic Sea and Black Sea regions on how to support stability and societal development, civil society collaboration and human security into wider discussion.

The opening plenary looked into Baltic and Black Sea regions and also focused on issues touching upon Ukraine’s European ”aspirations”. The core political and expert-level topics dealed with traditional security politics, regional cooperation, environmental and energy issues, human dimension/security issues and frozen conflicts in Ukraine’s neighbourhood.

The conference was organised in cooperation with:

  • The Swedish OSCE-network
  • The Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation – PAUCI
  • Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
You can find the programme of the conference and as well as some of the speeches and photos below.

FIRST DAY, 10 September 

Venue:  Government Residence building, Grushevskoho str. 22

17.00    Conference registration starts 

18.00    High-level opening session 
               Welcome address and chairing of the opening
                          Krista Kiuru  (Presentation in pdf)
Finnish MP, STETE’s chair

Ilkka Kanerva
Finnish MP, Chair of the Finnish Delegation to the OSCE                                       Parliamentary Assembly

Besik Tserediani
Deputy Minister on Refugees of Georgia
                    Witold Sobków
Ambassador, Acting Political Director, MFA of Poland

                    Ihor Dolgov
Director of International Affairs Department of Presidential                                             Secretariat of Ukraine

                     Rolf Ekeus (Presentation in pdf)
Ambassador, Chair of  Swedish OSCE Network

                     General Dr. Klaus Olshausen
Former military representative of Germany to NATO

Questions and discussion

20.00           Reception (venue: Government Residence building)
Hosted by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

SECOND DAY, 11 September 

9.00             How to strengthen the regional cooperation and security         
Prospects of Ukraine’s EU membership and current EU                                 Neighbourhood Policy relations
Chair:        Nico Lange
Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung

Speakers:   Ilkka Kanerva
Finnish MP, Chair of the Finnish Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

                    Witold Sobków
Ambassador, Acting Political Director, MFA of Poland

Oleksandr Potiekhin  (Presentation in pdf)
Center for Peace, Conversion and Foreign Policy of Ukraine

Questions and discussion

10.00          Models for regional cooperation in Baltic Sea region
Chair:        Heikki Järvenpää
                          The Finnish Committee for European Security (STETE)

Speakers:   Northern Dimension:
Hanna Lehtinen  (Presentation in pdf)
Head of the Unit for the Northern Dimension, MFA of Finland

                    Eastern Dimension:
                          Johan Frisell
Director and Head of Eastern Europe Division, MFA of Sweden
                    Baltic Sea Region cooperation – where to go after almost 20 years of cooperation: 
                          Barbro Widing
Council of Baltic Sea States, WGEC

Border cooperation with Russia – experiences from Finland:       
                         Antti Hartikainen
The Finnish Border Guard

Questions and discussion
– Coffee break –

11.15         Regional Cooperation and Security in the Black Sea region
Chair:         Nico Lange
                          Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
                   EU Black Sea synergy:
Traian Laurentiu Hristea 
Ambassador of Romania to Ukraine

Impacts of Georgian situation to Ukraine and neighbourhood             
                            Oleg Rybachuk 
Former Head of Presidential Secretariat, Ukraine

Overview of the situation in Georgia
Ghia Khasia 
Director of Independent Radio “Atiati”, Georgia

                   Overview of Transdniestria situation 
                            Serhiy Bursa 
Euro-Atlantic Association, Moldova

Questions and discussion

13.00          Lunch

Environmental security and protection – common objectives for North and South 
Chair:                 Krista Kiuru
                           Finnish MP and STETE’s chair

Speakers: Concrete project: Environmental Partnership (NDEP)
Martti Poutanen
Ministry of the Environment of Finland

                  Ukraine’s environmental situation from NGO perspective
                            Serhiy Kurykin
Head of the Public Council within the Nuclear Regulation Committee of Ukraine
                  Anna Golubovska-Onisimova
President of Mama-86

                  Moldovan-Ukrainian cooperation on the Dniester river basin
                               Tamara Kutonova
The OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine

Questions and discussion

– Coffee break –
15.30         Parallel working groups:           

I Prospective NATO membership (working language is English without translation)
Chair:       Svyatoslav Pavlyuk
Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation (PAUCI)

                   Regional consequences of Ukraine’s NATO membership

Speakers:    Jakub Godzimirski 
The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
                    Michael Gorny 
St. Petersburg Center for Humanities and Political Studies, “Strategy”

                    Klaus Olshausen
General Dr., Germany

Questions and discussion

II Energy security in the context of Baltic & Black Sea cooperation
(working languages are English and Ukrainian)

Chair:        Krzysztof Bobinski 
Unia & Polska; Pauci

Speakers:   Caucasian pipelines and trans-border high politics
Mikko Palonkorpi
Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki

             Black Sea energy cooperation
                                Bohdan Sokolovski
                                Ukrainian presidential commissioner for international energy security issues
                     Energy efficiency – Role of renewable energy 
Anatoliy Kopec
Association of Energy Efficient cities of Ukraine

                        Questions and discussion

III Europe and Black Sea Region: developments in the Human Dimension 
(working language is English without translation)

Chair:         Introduction
Rolf Ekéus
Swedish diplomat, former High Commissioner on
National Minorities (OSCE)
Speakers:     Rule of law and strategies against corruption
                              Åke Peterson
Head of Office of Council of Europe
                     Visa issue – crusial challenge in EU-Ukraine relations
Grzegorz Gromadzki 
Batory Foundation, Warsaw
Jeffrey Labovitz             
Chief of Mission, IOM Ukraine

Humanitarian situation in Georgia
Julia Kharashvili
Ministry of Emergencies of Georgia

Questions and discussion

17.00           Frozen conflicts in Ukraine’s neighbourhood

Chairs:           Jan Pieklo

Speakers:    Different models for conflict resolution (focus on Transdnestria, South Ossetia)
                               Janne Taalas
Councellor, Deputy Head of the Finnish OSCE Chairmanship Task Force
                               Andrew Filmer 
Deputy Head of Operations of the Mission, EUBAM
                               Rolf Ekéus
                      Crimea as the emerging hot spot: The Sevastopol / Black Sea fleet question
Rainer Lindner
German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Questions and discussion

18.15            Conclusions & Recommendations

Rapporteurs of the working groups

Closing of the 2008 Nordic Forum
Gunnar Lassinantti
The Olof Palme International Center, OSSE-nätverket

19.00             Reception

Welcoming words
Christer Michelsson
        Ambassador of Finland to Ukraine

Address by Finnish Member of Parliament:
Sari Palm

                         Hosted by the Ambassador of Finland Christer Michelsson at His Residence

THIRD DAY, 12 September 
9.00                    Cultural Programme: Chernobyl museum and city tour

12.00             Lunch