• The Finnish Commitee For European Security

    Suomen Toimikunta Euroopan Turvallisuuden Edistämiseksi


STETE published a quarterly bulletin OSCE Review – European Security until 2008. It was written in English and distributed to all Finnish parliamentarians, to foreign policy and defence experts, research institutes, NGOs and the media. Of its 1200 copies about 300 were sent abroad.

The bulletin gave updates and analysis of OSCE affairs combined with perspectives on security related questions.


OSCE Review – European Security 4/2008 was the last issue of the bulletin. The articles dealt with human dimension issues such as the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, national minorities and human trafficking. The other main topic was the OSCE Civil SOciety Forum which STETE organised in December in Helsinki.

OSCE Review – European Security 3/2008 covered issues such as the Georgian war, the status of women in Afganistan and Baltic Sea.

OSCE Review – European Security 2/2008 concentrated on Ukraine from many different perspectives: energy, border monitoring, migration, NATO etc.

OSCE Review – European Security 1/2008 was a theme issue of the OSCE Finnish Chairmanship. The articles dealt with the priority issues of the chairmanship.

European Security 3/2007 covers issues such as climate change, environment and security. Articles in the issue deal with for example Darfur as the first possible climate change war, sustainable development, Baltic Sea civil protection, and the OSCE’s stronger stress on the link between environment and security. Contributors to this issue of the bulletin include experts, such as Pekka HaavistoTarja Cronberg and Tapani Vaahtoranta.

The 2/2007 issue of European Security – OSCE Review tackles topics about conflicts in Africa. With writers such as Lucy Laitinen and Christian Jokinen, the issue deals with various viewpoints to security politics in this continent.

The European Security 1/2007 issue deals with e.g. Northern dimension, cluster munitions, security and cooperation in the European south and state´s differences in OSCE progress. Finnish foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja handles coherence of the EU common foreign and security policy in his editorial.

The last 2006 issue of the European Security – bulletin 4/2006 came out in early December. It covers issues such as EU efforts towards Kosovo settlement, Kazakhstani endeavours to get the OSCE Chair, Eva Biaudet‘s plans to tackle human trafficking as the new OSCE Special Representative, Russia’s exacerbated energy relations, the future of Finnish-Russian cross-border cooperation, the struggling first steps of the UN Human Rights Commission, suggested frameworks for migration governance, the need to improve the quality of EU missions, as well as the fieldwork of NATO in Afghanistan and the Red Cross.

The European Security 3/2006 issue deals with the Finnish EU Presidency security policy priorities, including EU military and civilian crisis management and Finland’s views on the ESDP, women’s representation in Serbia and Montenegro, trafficking, as well as developments in Russia and Georgia.