• The Finnish Commitee For European Security

    Suomen Toimikunta Euroopan Turvallisuuden Edistämiseksi


Seminars 2012

Forewarned is Forearmed – Finland’s Cybersecurity Strategy in the Making

29.3.2012 | Parliament House, New Auditorium, Helsinki

Russian Strategy on Security Policy in the areas nearby Finland

2.5.2012 | Meeting room of Social Democratic Party, Parliament House, Helsinki

Best without speaking?
– Where to draw a line between hate speech and freedom of speech?

21.8.2012 | Town hall, Lohja

Perspectives on Finnish crisis management

29.9.2012 | Turvallisuus- ja Puolustusmessut, Lahti

Tough Politics and Humane Security with the best interests of Superpowers, Warlords – and Women?

21.11.2012 | Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Culture Center, Espoo